Don't tap the side of the espresso portafilter too hard after the first tamp. By tapping the portafilter sharply, it is possible to dislodge the espresso puck from the sides which will create channeling along the sides of the portafilter. This is especially important for people using naked portafilters, as the portafilter will shoot them with espresso if side channeling occurs. After first tamp, tap the side of the portafilter as lightly as possible, just enough to disperse any built up loose grounds on top of the puck.

another fresh roastAs a truly conscientious roaster of quality coffees, we understand that we are just one link in a delicate chain of the specialty coffee cycle. We work with farms and importers who understand that every step, every link, from seed to cup, is critically important in making it to that final moment, when the coffee's amazing journey finally ends... on our palates. We are confident that you and your customers will appreciate the quality and love for coffee that we put into every pound of every roast.

Great Coffee Equipment at Great Prices!
A few of our machines

Without the right coffee equipment, good coffee is not easy to make. Because of this, we here at Island Coffee/Lowcountry Coffee Roasters have focused much of our efforts on repairing and restoring used coffee equipment. For our wholesale customers, this allows greater purchasing power and more reliability, because we stand by our used coffee equipment and price it very affordably compared to buying new equipment. For our retail customers, this means the chance to own cafe quality equipment, for possibly household-quality price. We have an assortment of Bunn, Curtis, and Fetco brewers, Nuova Simonelli and Rancilio 2 group espresso machines, Bunn grinders, and other great products that have been thoroughly cleaned and refurbished. Our equipment is always bench tested for functionality and brought to its utmost working condition. Unqualified sellers who have no technical experience can endanger customers when they sell untested or old and abused coffee equipment because of the pressurized boilers many pieces of coffee equipment contain. That's why we are trained espresso technicians that take the task of repairing coffee equipment very seriously as part of our commitment to not only quality but the safety of our customers. We will never sell any broken piece of equipment, and we will always strive to keep our customers informed and satisfied before and after the sale. Currently, our inventory can be viewed through our Ebay profile: 123-vincentc (click to view), or if interested in something that isn't listed on Ebay, contact us by email: sales@microroaster or by phone: 1-800-829-6724, and we will do our best to find the exact piece of equipment to meet our customer’s need. We still sell new equipment as well which can be found here on our equipment page.